Unoma Azuah

is a Nigerian writer considered to be one of the focal voices of the third generation of Nigerian writers because of her award winning works and pioneer essays and research on sexuality issues in Nigeria. A graduate of the MFA program at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia.

Unoma also has a Masters degree in English from Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio. The University of Nigeria, Nsukka, is where she earned her Bachelor's degree in English. Presently, she teaches English at Lane College in Jackson, Tennessee. Read more


Unoma's Books

lenth of light

The Length of Light reflects the predicament of everyday choices in life. The enigmatic gap between ordinary people and their dreams is dramatized in scenes that reveal severed roots, patriarchal intrusions, socio-economic impositions, inhuman cultural values, and hostility. Read more





Sky high flames




Sky-high Flames is the story of a vivacious, naive, young girl who morphs into an unforgettable, strong woman. Ofunne lives in a society that defines her status through marriage and children; nevertheless, she dreams of building a career for herself. Read more